1st Step 3 Way Carrier With Adjustable Padded Straps & Side Openings, Attachable Hood And Storage Pocket (Grey)

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1st Step Baby Carrier Makes Hands-Free Baby Carrying Possible. 1st Step Baby Carrier Is Made To Adapt To Your Little Ones Growth From Infancy To Toddlerhood With Its Multiple Carrying Positions And Its Adjustable Straps. Its Breathable Mesh Absorbs The Heat For Your Little Ones.

Model Name : 1st Step 2 Way Baby Carrier With Cross-Over Shoulder Straps And Storage Pocket

Brand Color : Grey

Maximum Age (Month) : 4

Minimum Age (Month) : 14

Weight Capacity : 3.6-9.1kgs

Key Features : 

  1. 2 Carrying Positions:- The Baby Carrier Boasts 2 Carrying Positions I.E. Facing Parents And Facing Outward.
  2. Padded Straps:- Padded Straps Hepls In Distributing The Weight Equally.
  3. Ajustable Straps : Adjustable Straps Provides Your Little One A Comfortable Feel.
  4. Removable Bib :- Removable Bib For Keeping Your Little Ones Neat And Clean.
  5. Front Pocket :- Front Pocket To Store Your Little Ones Essential Items.
  6. Cusioned Arms And Leg Openings :- Cusioned Arms And Leg Opening Provides Maximum Comfort To The Baby.
  7. Breathable Fabric : Breathable Fabric Which Absorbs The Heat For The Baby To Provide Maximum Comfort To The Baby.