1st Step BPA Free Heat Sensitive Spoon

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As The Baby Grows Their Diet Changes From Milk To Semi-Solids Like Cereals, Mashed Fruits And Vegetables. 1st Step Baby Spoon Is Perfect For The 1St Feed Of Your Little Ones As It Allow You To Feed Them In Small And Appropriate Quantity. This Set Of Heat Sensitive Spoon Changes Color When The Food Is Too Hot To Warn You And Keep You From Hurting Your Baby Tender Little Mouth.

Model Name : 1st Step BPA Free Heat Sensitive Spoon

Color : Blue & Green

Key features :

  1. Heat Sensitivity:- Changes Color Whe N The Food Is Hot.
  2. Easy Grip:- Easy Grip Handle Provides A Good Grip On The Spoon.
  3. BPA Free:- Spoon Is Made Of BPA Free Material.